Email Marketing: Take A Free Test Drive Today!

Among bloggers, it is widely known that the single best way to sell your products or services to

Good Blog Names – Find One With A Blog Name Generator

Blog name generator guidance is pretty thin on the ground. It shouldn’t be. Yes, using a blog name generator is simple enough. You put some good blog names into the search bar and it comes up with a variety of domain names (URLs) that you can choose to purchase. That’s the easy bit. Why? Because coming

Blogging For Beginners – Do You Have What It Takes?

Blogbods is where you can learn blogging for beginners. The question is, is blogging right for you? Blogging is often seen as a dream career. Writing about the things you love while relaxing in your pyjamas and getting paid for it? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Think again. Although a successful blog can provide you with unlimited freedom

How To Get More Blog Followers By Knowing How To Party!

If you know how to party, then you know how to get more blog followers. Yes, in many ways, getting more followers is very similar to throwing a party. You put in lots of preparation, try to create a hospitable environment, and hope that people turn up. Have your doubts? Take a look at our top

Inspirational Will Smith Quote

Being ‘realistic’ is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. If you want something – go get it!

Side Business Ideas – Why Nothing Beats Blogging

Let’s make no bones about it, as side business ideas go, blogging is a marathon and not a sprint, and only the strong minded should apply. Yet, so many do. For, as with so many things in life, the harder the work, the richer the rewards. For bloggers, the way ahead is a tough but